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Hello and welcome to the new old website! I’m still working out what goes where and which bits are broken (please let me know if you spot something) but it feels good to finally have everything all in the same place. Especially when I’ve been paying renewal fees for a bunch of domains I barely use (I was always lured in by the $1.99 registrations, curse those DNS Sirens) and have had a “coming soon” sign up on this, the first and original domain for oh… seven years now.

I’ve been making an effort to declutter and simplify life offline, so it only makes sense to apply that online, right?

The process started in early 2015 when I realised how overwhelmed I was by the amount of ball-jointed doll paraphernalia I’d accrued over my 10+ years in the hobby and that it was impacting my ability to enjoy what I had. So, barring one Zuzu Delf Truffle, I sold all of my other dolls and most of their clothing. Then with some help from Our Lady of Tidying, Marie Kondo, I’ve been applying the same principles to everything else I own and have so far removed 33 black bin liners filled with stuff I don’t need from just two rooms. Some has been sold, some has been donated but most of it? Junk.

I haven’t become a minimalist and I still have quite a lot to sort out (like my BPAL collection *weeps*) but I have more room for the things I actually love, that “spark joy” to use a KonMari-ism. I have since purchased two new dolls, a Delf Claus and Nina, that are currently awaiting some modification work but there’s no rush. Given how long these things take to do, I’m probably going to wait until after I’ve moved house to send them off, so there’s no worrying about them coming back to the correct address.

Ah yes, moving house. Something I’ve done at least sixteen times in the past thirty years but this time it’ll be a fresh start and my own place, well, I will have to share it with that bloke I’m marrying but hey, that’s what garden sheds are for. Yep, it’s taken over seven years but this time next month I’ll have met J at the airport, bringing all of his worldly goods with him and that’s it, he’s here to stay. No more airport goodbyes, no more having to make my own drinks in the morning and yes, I value those equally. It’s probably going to be another couple of months until we get a house but that just gives me plenty of time to raid Ikea!

Anywho, I’m going to try and write more often now that the blog’s in a more permanent location. Not going to make any promises regarding an update schedule because I end up feeling guilty when I can’t stick to them but I need somewhere to show off screenshots of my shiny new Bard, so might as well be here!


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